New York State Trailer Towing Laws

Ok, so it`s not really much in demand. BUT, if that`s you, we`d love to hear your feedback! Please consider evaluating our company on Google, YELP or Facebook! Plus, we`d love to see pictures of you with your DTW trailer! Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram! Thank you for your business and support! NO! We are a complete service at DTW! This means we take care of tedious DMV paperwork, issue you license plates (or transfer your current license plates) and inspect your new trailer (NYS Registrations ONLY). All you have to do is sign your name in a few places. If you leave with your new trailer, you will have a temporary registration valid for 45 days. We will go to DMV to submit all your documents. We will mail your registration to you after we switch to DMV. In about 2 months (approximately), NYS will mail you your title (if applicable). Under NYS law, a trailer MUST have brakes if the trailer weighs more than 1000 pounds (empty) OR if its total weight (gross value of the vehicle) is set at more than 3000 pounds. If your trailer is a tandem axle (2 axles), it automatically has brakes on both axles.

Some states do NOT follow this law, but every trailer purchased from DTW adheres to the latest laws to keep you legal and safe! New York`s trailer laws and regulations are listed below: Device of a type approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. Each approved towing system must be equipped with safety chains. Bumper-mounted ball coupling allowed. A vehicle shall not be towed with a trolley unless the trolley is attached to the towing vehicle by means of safety chains or cables which prevent the trolley from separating from the towing vehicle. You can only transfer your old trailer licence plates if you have your trailer registration up to date. This means that you MUST have registered it for the current year. If this is not the case, this disk is no longer valid. The fee for transferring plates is $10. If the trailer you buy requires a title (see above if you`re not sure), you`ll still have to pay the $50 title fee to NYS. It honestly depends on the week/day/month, etc. We try to accommodate you as best as possible, but sometimes the waiting time can be a little longer, depending on the staff and the traffic of the store with the appointments.

Our typical processing time is 2 days. If many additional options are available to your trailer, the processing time will be extended. There are a lot of rumors about people being arrested for their hitches, but the truth is, as far as New York State is concerned, there is no violation of the books if an idling clutch is attached to your vehicle`s receiver. Our technicians are fully trained to check all the parts of your trailer. The list includes (but in some cases is not limited to): **Please remember that if your trailer has brakes, you must have a brake control in your vehicle!! ** Again, NYS requires trailers weighing more than 1000 pounds (empty) OR having a total weight of 3000 or more to receive a NYS designation. This is considered TRL. If your trailer does not meet any of these requirements, you will receive a transferable approval. In this case, you use the record to transfer ownership, not title. This is considered LTR.

NYS securities are a $50 fee. If your trailer is purchased and registered in your personal name, you do not need an insurance policy on your trailer. Your current auto insurance covers your trailer as long as it`s attached to your vehicle. If damage occurs while your trailer is not attached to your vehicle, your trailer will not have insurance coverage. It is illegal to operate an open truck or trailer carrying bulk materials unless the truck or trailer has a lid, tarp or other device that covers the opening of the truck or trailer to prevent the materials from falling. However, if the load is arranged in such a way that no loose material can fall or blow from the truck or trailer, the lid is not necessary. Any trailer and semi-trailer weighing more than 1,000 lbs unladen and any trailer and semi-trailer used on or after the 1st. manufactured in January 1971 and having a maximum registered gross weight or an actual gross weight greater than 3,000 lbs., must be fitted with appropriate brakes in perfect condition. The trailer warranty is determined by the trailer company and varies by brand. BUT, at DTW, we stand behind the products we sell. If you have a problem that you believe is related to the warranty, please contact us and we will work directly with the trailer manufacturer. Yes! We accept the exchange of TRAILERS ONLY.

No motorhomes, boats, motor vehicles, motorcycles, etc. We need to see the trailer in person to allow you to exchange value. If you own a truck (or SUV) that has a tow assembly, can you leave the towbar/ball on your vehicle if there is no trailer attached to it? This is a question that often arises among truck owners and friends. From time to time, a rumor comes up that someone you know knows someone who has been ticketed or stopped because they left their clutch in their vehicle`s receiver. But is it legitimate? If you`re financing your trailer, you`ll usually need insurance. If you are buying the trailer under a business name, you must also have an insurance policy for your new trailer. They also install all the extra options, mount your license plate and wash your trailer. Total length: 65 feet (including bumpers); Trailer length: 48 feet (including bumpers); Width: 96 inches (102 inches permitted on some designated roads); Height: 13 feet 6 inches. A search on the DMV website also yields no results specifically related to towbars. Taillights, brake lights, license plate lights and turn signals required. In the case of a combination of vehicles, the rear signal lamp shall be located at the rear of the last vehicle in the combination. Every motor vehicle driven or driven on a highway shall be equipped with a rear-view mirror or other reflective device adjusted so that the driver of the vehicle has a clear and complete view of the road and the road condition behind the vehicle.

Every motor vehicle driven or travelling on public highways and manufactured after 1968 must be equipped with an exterior rear-view mirror mounted and adjustable to the left of the vehicle. This is the time of year when we need to prepare for snow in West New York. Make sure that when you clear your car, you also remove snow from the rear plates. However, if the type of clutch you have blocks or interferes with the ability to see the license plate of your truck or SUV, a police officer or soldier may have the right to stop you. In addition, licence plates must be visible, headlights must provide adequate illumination and all lights must be visible to other motorists.