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CLE is changing! •NEW! CA lawyers must now earn 2 MCLE Bias Elimination Credits, 1 of which must be for implicit bias. •NEW! WA Attorneys: As of 9/1/22, of the 6 ethics credits required, 1 must be an ethics course with anti-bias content. •NEW! CO Lawyers: For the compliance period ending 31/12/23: The 7 credits for professional liability must include at least 2 credits in equity, diversity and inclusion and at least 5 credits in legal ethics or legal professionalism. •NEW! NJ Attorneys: Of the 5 ethics credits required, at least 2 must focus on diversity, inclusion, and bias elimination. NEW DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS at More than 100 books on important legal issues facing lawyers are now available for immediate download. The National Legal Foundation cannot currently be assessed against our Culture & Community methodology because we have not received data from the charity on its voter feedback or diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Note: The absence of a score does not mean a positive or negative rating, but only that we have not yet evaluated the organization. When a high school football coach was fired for praying with his football players, he took his case to court. His freedom of expression, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly were at stake. To ensure year-over-year consistency, the Finance & Accountability tag of the Encompass rating system analyzes the three-year average of certain data provided by the IRS Form 990. Charity Navigator does not currently have the required data from IRS Form 990 filed electronically for the National Legal Foundation at EIN: 54-1325665. This suggests that the National Legal Foundation can still file paper Form 990.

The 24-credit CLE NY package includes a mandatory D&I credit Earn all the credits you need with our NEW YORK SET P just released, including 1 D&I – 8 classes! For more information about this package and many other email deliveries, flash drives, and versatile CD sets, click the New York box below. Sales and expense data are not available for this organization. This data is only available if the charity has electronically filed Form 990 data within the last six years. Defense of human and civil rights (BMF activity code: 430) More than 300 fully editable practical FORMS • Convenient, up-to-date and fully editable forms for lawyers • Designed by subject matter experts • Available instantly for unlimited use at purchasePopular forms include: SLAT, IDGT, Dynasty Trust and Will/Trust clause for SECURE amendments See what`s available, including FREE FORMS, under reviews are made from one or More tag scores. Currently, we need a responsibility and finance tag or an impact and results tag to be eligible for a Charity Navigator rating. Note: The absence of a review does not mean a positive or negative review; It just shows that we have not yet evaluated this organization. The National Legal Foundation cannot currently be evaluated using our Impact & Results methodology because either (A) it is eligible, but we have not yet received any data; (B) we have not yet developed an algorithm to estimate its programmatic impact; (C) its programs are not direct services; or (D) it does not rely heavily on contributions from individual donors. National Law Foundation, LLC P. O. Box 218 Montchanin, DE 19710 If you prefer to send participant notices overnight, please use our new physical address: 406 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19809Note: You can now send your completed participant comments to the following address: Contact Us Call us at (302) 656-4757 Want to receive email updates on new products at your own pace? Click here to receive emails! Audio CDs and DVDs, as well as delivery of emails, audio flash drives and CD-ROMs (if available) Here are some key data points from the Enterprise Master File (BMF) of the exempt organization for that organization. Learn more about BMF on the IRS website The National Legal Foundation cannot currently be evaluated by our Accountability & Finance methodology because it does not file IRS Form 990 electronically on the donation cart.

If you would like to make a donation, please refresh the page. If the problem persists, contact us. Cart ID: Unassigned Independent – The organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary organization (i.e. not affiliated with a national, regional or geographical grouping of organizations). (BMF membership code: 3) Earn HALF (12) of your continuing education credits by participating in monitored video recordings Earn ALL (24) of your 2022 credits online* under *COVID-19 Note: No score does not mean a positive or negative rating, only that we have not yet evaluated the organization. The First Principles Institute is an important part of the FLN. The founding principles of our nation are more important today than ever. And the First Principles Institute will invoke them in legislative testimony and in the court of public opinion. New courses include: • Arbitration: Key Developments • Asset Protection Planning • Alliances to Not Compete • Intellectual Property • New York Consumer Credit Fairness Act and Consumer Judgment Interest Act • New York COVID-19 Tolls: What You Need to Know • Work Product Doctrine For more information, click on your status box below.

Form 990 is a document that nonprofits file annually with the IRS. We use the resulting financial and accountability data to create overall ratings. Click here to view that organization`s Form 990 on the IRS website (if applicable). Chesapeake VA | IRS Administration Year: 1987 | A: 54-1325665.