Mohawk College Nursing Requirements

Licensed practical nurses are licensed practical nurses who care for patients with less complex needs. Since 2005, all new LPNs must obtain a diploma in practical nursing by completing a four-semester, 2-year college program. Once registered with CNO, many certifications can be earned through Mohawk Continuing Education (CE), including pediatric, perioperative and psychiatric nursing, and applied foot care management. Contact International Student Recruitment Contact our International Student Recruitment team for information on programs, applications, and student life. International Contact Email: Phone: 1-905-575-2254Toll-free numbers: General inquiries: 1-888-Mohawk9 (1-888-664-2959) North China: 10-800-714-2521 South China: 10-800-140-2541 Brazil: 0800-022-7408 Philippines: 180011102544 BScN Academic Advisor Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 27369 Email: bscnadvisemohawk [at] Can I apply to live on the McMaster campus? No. Students enrolled in the nursing degree co-op program can apply for residency at Mohawk College on the Fennell campus in Hamilton Mountain. City buses stop at the residence and the journey to the Mohawk-McMaster Institute takes about 30 minutes. There is also information about off-campus housing on the off-campus housing page. Is there a way to complete the Bachelor of Science in Collaboration program in less than 4 years? No.

Once you have been accepted into the nursing program, you can apply for an advance for university courses that have already been completed. This does not mean that you will be able to “accelerate” or complete the degree in less than four years. Applicants who have already completed at least two years of university study (four full semesters) may apply for the Fast Track (F), which includes five consecutive periods of study and is only offered at the McMaster location with an application through McMaster University. How do I know if I will receive pre-billing for previous university courses? Students who have completed university-level courses prior to commencing their studies in the BScN program may be eligible for transfer credits/course waivers for their program requirements. In order to be assessed for transfer credits/course exemptions, students must register before 1. In August, submit an application to their academic advisor. Credit transfer and course exemption application forms can be found here on the McMaster University Nursing website. University certificates, which must be submitted with your application, are required to complete the assessment. Is CPR certification required before starting the BScN program? Yes.

Students must have a valid certification in C.P.R. Health Care Provider (BLS-C) Heart & Stroke upon entry into the program. Where can I take a CPR course (Level C)? Mohawk College Continuing Education, St. John Ambulance, YMCA and most urban recreation departments offer these courses. All costs associated with CPR certification must be borne by the applicant. Am I eligible for a student fare if I use the Hamilton Bus System (HSR)? Yes. Students attending the Mohawk-McMaster Institute and enrolled in a full-time course are eligible for a U-PASS. There is no additional charge for a U-PASS as it is included in your tuition and covers unlimited travel on Hamilton`s bus system for 8 months.

Can I play varsity and intramural sports at Mohawk College or McMaster University? You can try your luck at Mohawk College for varsity sports. Bachelor of Mohawk Science students can only participate in intramural sports at Mohawk College. Can I use McMaster University`s recreational facilities? No, Bachelor of Science in Nursing students are not permitted to use McMaster`s recreation and fitness facilities. Can I get both a Mohawk ID card and a McMaster ID card? Yes. You will receive a photo ID from the university and college. Both cards must be in your personal possession while on campus. In addition to meeting the admission requirements, applicants must pass a mandatory standardized health professional fitness examination (HOAE) as part of the selection process. The cost of this test is $50.00 and details of this test will be provided when applying for the program. What is the teaching methodology in the BScN program? Small, self-directed, problem-based learning is the teaching methodology used in nursing and some health science courses. This methodology is identified by the following characteristics: To succeed in a nursing program, students must have sufficient fine motor skills, physical endurance, physical strength, and mobility to acquire the clinical skills necessary to safely care for clients (these skills can be demonstrated with or without adaptation, as mentioned in the background section above). Is transportation to clinical areas available? No. It is the student`s responsibility to arrange their own transportation and cover parking costs.

When are tuition fees due? Classes are due at the beginning of July. The exact date will be communicated to you once you have accepted the offer of the program. How does the Mohawk Collaborative Nursing Degree compare to nursing programs offered by other post-secondary institutions? The Mohawk Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is unique in the following areas: pncoordinator [at] (Contact Program Coordinators) In addition to a Canadian Bachelor of Science in Nursing or equivalent, graduates must meet the seven additional CNO requirements to be registered and practise registered nursing in Ontario. Collaborative learning is the teaching methodology used in nursing courses. This document provides information to Ontario Bachelor of Science in Nursing applicants, students, faculty, staff, accessibility service providers, health professionals and the general public about the essential requirements for successful completion of these programs. The purpose of the Essential Requirements document is to: An offer of admission to a nursing program does not constitute evidence that the nursing program has independently verified an applicant`s ability to meet the essential requirements in the areas described below. What does collaborative program mean? Students receive joint faculty instruction from Mohawk College and McMaster University each year of the four-year program. This includes nursing and non-nursing courses. Every student with a disability is entitled to reasonable accommodations that will help them meet program standards and academic requirements.

Reasonable accommodation must not compromise the essential requirements of a program or the safety and well-being of the client or patient. The purpose of adequate accommodation is to ensure that the student with a disability has the same opportunities as his or her peers to achieve the required operational level, but is not intended to ensure the success of the program. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on colleges and programs, upcoming events and stories about our students! Is CPR certification required before starting the practical nursing program? Yes. Students must have a valid C.P.R. Health Care Provider (BLS-C) Heart & Stroke certification upon entry into the program. This will be verified when you receive information about the preclassification authorization requirements that must be met before visiting a clinical organization or starting your clinical experience. Do you offer the part-time or distance nursing rotation? Currently, the program is only offered on a full-time basis. We do NOT offer NURSING COURSES remotely. However, some of the non-nursing courses can be taken remotely.

Please note the curriculum for non-nursing programs. Then consult Mohawk College`s Continuing Education Catalogue for Distance Learning. For more information on the nursing rotation, please contact diana.powell [at] (Clinical Placement Specialist). Can I have credit courses in the Practical Nursing program if I want to apply to the BScN program? Yes. Upon successful completion of the Practical Nursing Diploma Program, you can apply for the APA component in the BScN(E) program at Mohawk College. You will receive 30 credit units for your practical nursing program.