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The Chief State Solicitor provides legal services to other government departments as well as to the public. Its main tasks are: 1. Focus on commercial and real estate issues and in these areas serve both. The search for company documents is accessible via the online search in the register of companies à la carte under ( to search for company files. This indicates that from 19 March 2020, the Chancellor General`s services must be accessible via our online facilities in the or via scheduled walk-in appointments. Electronic payment options are available for the following services: Office of the Attorney General and Ministry ▪ of Justice Postal registration and post-incorporation documents. The Intellectual Property Office was established on May 1. It was founded in December 1997 (Section 3 of the Patents Act 1996) and is located at 3rd Floor, Capital Plaza, 11 – 13 Frederick Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad. A department within the Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs. The public research room will facilitate walk-in visits via a dual team system on a daily basis, namely: Public Research Room Requests for manual records must be made by email to ( the day before the request for documents. Confirmation of availability of datasets will be communicated to the applicant by email  Five (5) computer systems are available for PIMS searches.

▪ Marriages – Application for a Marriage Licence and Registration of Marriages Welcome to the Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Legal Affairs, where we bring all the departments and services of the Ministry under one roof. The services of the Chancellor`s Department can be used via our online booking system after making an appointment. The Department of the Registrar General centralizes its services around civil registers, land and company registers and the administration of hospital and district registrars. The Public Prosecutor`s Office plays a crucial role in the administration of justice by advising the State on all aspects of civil law, representing the State in constitutional and civil proceedings, assisting in drafting and. ❖ Non-credit card holders can also apply online, but must make an appointment to make the payment and pick up the certificate. You will receive a receipt reference number and will need to call the numbers previously provided to make an appointment to pay and pick up the certificate. The Department of Civil Registration (RGD) oversees civil, basic and commercial registration in Trinidad and Tobago. The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by the Attorney General`s offices and, while we strive to keep it current and accurate, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the Site. Welcome to the Chancellor`s Department, where our task is to save documents for posterity; Provide fast and efficient service with integrity.

Walk-in dates can be arranged via the following phone numbers: ▪ online birth, marriage, marriage proposals, marriage applications, Muslim divorce certificates, and research. The Chief Parliamentary Counsel heads the Bills Department, which plays a crucial role in the implementation of government policy. This involves developing technically sound legislation for client departments; advise the government. The Director of the Office of the Attorney General, established by the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, is the head of the Criminal Law Department. The creation of this post arose out of the need for a constitutional position. ▪ The public is advised that all applications for dual certificates of ownership (TCs) must be emailed to: ( ). The RGD will respond by email to inform you of the status of requests and the expected pick-up date.  Fifteen (15) people per shift will be admitted to the search room. (land, civil, business). Land registry (if the applicant does not have a subscription account). Do you have a question or feedback? The Chancellor`s department would be happy to hear from you. We ensure that the administration of justice operates quickly, efficiently and efficiently, and that all people have adequate access to justice, regardless of their means.

We ensure that major events on the island are recorded and provide essential services to the entire population as required by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago. According to the Electronic Exercise Investigation Service of 16 September 2005, court documents that have initiated civil proceedings against the State may be sent to SGSERVICES@AG.GOV.TT. Documents for the following applications can also be sent to this email address. ❖ Upon request and payment by credit card, the certificate will be sent to a local address of your choice. The Counter-Terrorism Department of the Attorney General`s Office and Legal Affairs was established in the fourth quarter of 2015. Its main task is to implement the powers conferred on the Attorney General by the Anti-terrorism Act (Cap. 12:07. Compliance/ Non-profit organization (NPO) Consultation and collection of corporate documents Copyright © 2020 Houses of the Attorney General. ▪ All rights reserved.

The Registrar General`s Division oversees civil, basic and commercial registration in Trinidad and Tobago. We maintain the National Archives of Births, Adoptions, Marriages and Deaths from 1893; Register land registers and maintain a register of companies. The Commission was established by the Law Amendment Act, Cap. 3:03, with the mandate to prepare, publish and maintain a revised edition of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago.