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Webmaster: Do you want to add a link to the weather forecast of Salers on your website? Just copy the URL that appears© in the address bar of this page, thanks. Phases of the moon (on the scale of Europe and regardless of the municipality indicated©on this page): New Moon present©©or current: 25/10/22 at 12:48 First quarter: 01/11/22 at 07:38 Full Moon: 08/11/22 at 12:02 Last quarter: 16/11/22 at 14:29 Next Moon: 23/11/22 at 23:57 For this long-term forecast The following data were used: 1556 weather observations for the period 1979-2022 Why are the city`s©©March 60©©forecast©more accurate©than©most other locations? It`s very simple and the image below explains why. On the left, data from the WRF-NMM model (now©WRF-ARW) and on the right the JRC model data©. As you can see very clearly, the WRF-ARW model is much thinner and thinner©©. ©Precipitation is best©localized on WRF-ARW, while GFS predicts large areas of© precipitation. For temperatures, WRF-ARW is even able to distinguish the heat island of Paris or mountain valleys©©as opposed to GFS. ©WRF-ARW model data from Thursday, November 17, 2022 00h UT updated Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 07:39 In addition, in many other places it is possible to find©city forecasts up to 384h or two weeks. Technically, Métã©o 60 could offer you the same without any problem. But the solution©of these predictions©is more than 35 km, 8 times less accurate©than the WRF-ARW model calculated© by METER©©60! In other words, they have more limited reliability and, for reasons of quality and consistency©, have decided©© not©©to offer them until that©© time. © ©© In fact, if this data©were© really reliable, the mainstream media©would have used it a long time ago. They only serve to establish continent-wide trends, certainly not to©predict© the weather©in a city. Their prevalence is due to a lack of security©and is mainly intended to attract visitors.

Hotel Les Tilleuls is located in the Parc des Volcans d`Auvergne, just 10 km from Ch. The daily wind speed should be between 13 km/h and 16 km/h. Possible wind gusts can exceed 19.17 km/h. Mã tã o 60 is the first French site to use© the WRF-ARW model in urban forecasting, and the model has been©©optimally©© regulated for this type of forecast.© ©©© The computing capacity© available by consumer processors is so limited© that 60 is©©forced to calculate the ARW WRF at 96 hours (4 days) rather than the sum©©of the covered data© (10©days). Most other websites only use GFS data©, which they only upload freely©©on the same model, and then set rules and©conditions to display the time©©©. Of course, proposing a more accurate model does not necessarily© mean that he is increasingly©right. This remains a very effective model©© to date, but there is still progress to be made through research. * The value on the left indicates the temperature©forecast as it is usually seen in the©forecast and recorded me©. © ©© The value in parentheses is the prediction©of the perceived temperature©.

In winter, it is calculated© taking into account wind gusts to obtain what is called©wind chill. In tã©©, it is determined© taking into account the humidity in order to estimate the feeling of heaviness (humidex©). This Thursday, November 17 afternoon, the weather©©will be gloomy with some rain and the temperature©will be 7 ° C at 16h. The wind blows at 24 km/h and up to 36 km/h in gusts. In the afternoon the sky becomes very cloudy with a thermometer indicating 5 ° C at 16h. The wind will be from the northwest with an average speed of 7 km/h and peaks of up to 15 km/h. Temperatures should vary between the following values:Day: 6°C Night: -3°C Today Thursday, November 17, 2022 On your city, the moon rises at 01:00min00sec (or rose© the day before) and sets at 14:40min0sec. The moon is in a growing© phase, is illuminated© at 42%, the age of its cycle is 22 days and it is 400035km from our planet. New: MÃ tã©©o60 offers the provision of weather© reports, which you can make available to your insurance company in case of damage. Apart from local and violent©© phenomena, the accumulation of precipitation is generally overestimated ©more often than underestimated©. Friday ©©, November 18 morning the weather©©will be gloomy with some rain with a temperature©of 4 ° C at 07h.

The wind blows at 15 km/h with gusts up to 28 km/h and comes from west-northwest. © On the morning©of Saturday, November 19, the sky will be only with©© a few clouds and it will be 0 ° C at 07 hours. The wind is expected with©16 km/h and 25 km/h gusts from the northeast sector. In Zimalgraden©©: Latitude: 45.14000 – Longitude: 2.49472 The Col de Légal is a winter sports resort located in Auvergne, 28 km from Aurillac. It is mainly a family resort that shows the windy conditions of the storm at 200m altitude, which corresponds well to the gusts expected on the surface. Select a different time step to view the storm forecast. A correction is made© to take into account the influence of altitude on temperature©, but errors can still occur in areas with a large variation in relief over a short distance. Civil dawn and crevice:© time at which the sun is between© 0 and 6 ° below the horizon (times of sunrise and sunset of the©general public). Dawn and nautical folding crack©: a©time when the sun is© between 6 and 12 ° below the horizon, almost black sky.

Astronomical dawn and crevice: the period© when the sun is between© 12 and 18 ° below the horizon©, completely black sky. In the case of dawn and flap at 01h00min01sec, this means that the sun does not set from an astronomical point of view (at©the solstice of tã tã tã tã©© ** These are the forecasts forecast for the last 3 hours (for gusts of wind, this is the maximum value forecast©©for the© last©©©©3 hours). For example, if the line gives 5.2 mm on Thursday 11 am, it means that it will be seen©5.2 mm between 8 and 11 am. CAUTION: This column does not indicate the depth of the snow, but only the amount of water© that is brought©back to the liquid state©. However, it is often estimated that 1 mm of liquid water is equivalent to 1 cm of snow, but this ratio can vary depending on the type of snow. Powdery snow, in fact, gives a larger layer than wet, sticky snow for the same amount of water©. The figures in the other columns are©provisional and©not average. Strong winds are expected for the Col de Legal.

More weather maps The©department of Cantal is yellow vigilant: More©details After noon there will be an alternation of©clearings and cloudy passages, there will be 0 ° C at 16 hours.